Vacant Spaces to Happening Places


Join FEDC, the Downtown Association, FNSB, and the Chamber of Commerce for lunch and the keynote address, "Vacant Spaces to Happening Places," delivered by renowned 'Think Local' advocate and entrepreneur, Kimber Lanning. 

Program highlights include:

•Quantifying the impact of local economy work and preservation

Leveraging Your Localness: Small Business Workshop


Join FEDC, the Downtown Assocation, FNSB, and the Chamber of Commerce for renowned 'Think Local' advocate and entrepreneur Kimber Lanning's workshop "Leveraging Your Localness" -- a two hour workshop for small business owners. Kimber has spoken to our Fairbanks business owners and comes armed with an understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges facing them. 

Topics will include:

Procurement Matters discussion


Around the country, procurement departments are spending government money on goods and services without actually measuring the true cost of the contract. In the report “Procurement Matters’ economic study team Civic Economics proved that the State of Arizona was actually losing $500,000 annually on a contract for office supplies worth $5M.

Energy for All Alaska meeting

Please join us at FEDC (330 Wendell Ave Ste E) for this week's energy meeting. David Fish, Environmental Manager of Aurora Energy will be here to present.

Commercial Space Open House

Downtown Association of Fairbanks is hosting a Commercial Space Open House from 5-7 PM. The event, part of FIrst Friday festivities, will feature 14 properties with 30 commercial spaces available for lease or sale downtown.  The open house will appeal to business people seeking better situations and anyone who would enjoy a peek into the likes of Historic Courthouse Square, Kelly’s Tire, 303 Illinois Street and the Historic George C. Thomas Memorial Library.

Energy for All Alaska - Petro Star Inc.

Please join us for our weekly energy meeting at 8 am in the FEDC Conference Room - 330 Wendell Avenue, Suite E.

Our guest speaker will be Nicole Stewart, Business Development and Communications Manager at Petro Star Inc.

Nicole will be here to give a progress report on their asphalt developments.


If you are unable to attend in person please contact Andie,, for call-in information.