Air Force/Community Partnership Session

Join us for the Air Force Community Partnership information session, January 10 from 2-4pm at Raven’s Landing.  With the two squadrons of F-35s coming in 2020 and all the military construction needs in the Interior, opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Energy Meeting

What’s the most business-friendly way to address climate change? Volunteers from Citizens’ Climate Lobby will discuss the revenue-neutral proposal supported by President Bush’s economic advisor, President Reagan’s secretary of state, the Niskanen Center’s Jerry Taylor, and ExxonMobil. The presentation will explain how a carbon fee and dividend would work for the US and Alaska, compare the proposal to other ways of addressing climate change, and discuss the growing political and business support for action.

Alaska Energy Project Finance Seminar

Alaska Energy Authority is proud to host the second Alaska Energy Project Finance Seminar. This event will bring project developers together with lenders from both the public and private sectors to learn about financing for building efficiency and energy generation projects, with the intention of sparking new investment in projects around the state.

Energy for All Alaska Meeting

Join us Tuesday, January 17 at 8am at FEDC for the latest updates from the Interior Gas Utility. Jomo Stewart, IGU General Manager will be presenting.

Energy For All Alaska

The ST100 is a fast signal transmitter. It provides electrical isolation between sensors on high voltage lines and measurement equipment such as data loggers. The advantage of the ST100 over currently available signal transmitters is that it can transmit signals up to 10,000 Hz while currently available signal transmitters can only transmit up to 10 Hz. This allows us to capture much higher resolution data. Small islanded microgrids and renewable energy sources both experience high variability.

YPC meeting

Join us for our January YPC meeting at noon here at FEDC, 330 Wendell Ave. Suite E.

Meetings generally last an hour.

This month we will review our planning for a professional development 1/2 day conference in March as well as finalize plans for the YPC holiday, non-holiday family party and review our website changes for feedback and additional content.

Our professional development presentation will be given by Dave Pelunis-Messier on personal finance.