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Energy For All Alaska

The ST100 is a fast signal transmitter. It provides electrical isolation between sensors on high voltage lines and measurement equipment such as data loggers. The advantage of the ST100 over currently available signal transmitters is that it can transmit signals up to 10,000 Hz while currently available signal transmitters can only transmit up to 10 Hz. This allows us to capture much higher resolution data. Small islanded microgrids and renewable energy sources both experience high variability. When operating microgrids with high penetrations of renewable energy, it is necessary to make high speed measurements in order to react in time. The ST100 will help ACEP collect data from communities and run tests in out Power System Integration lab. There is also commercial potential for the ST100 which UAF and ACEP are currently exploring.

Jeremy VanderMeer is a research engineer at the Alaska Center for Energy and Power. He is an electrical engineer with a masters of science in renewable energy engineering. He works in simulating power systems and hardware development.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 8:00am
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