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Though Interior Alaska has a relatively short growing season, the fact that we experience long hours of sunlight from May to August creates the opportunity to grow a wide variety of vegetables and animal feed crops.

Other products grown, with significant commercial value, are beef, pork, and animal feed crops. Also of note is the local greenhouse industry, which has experienced significant recent growth in response to spring-time demand for seedlings from garden growers.

Fairbanks Focus: Alaska View

Fairbanks Focus: Alaska View engages Interior Alaska's best thinkers, politicians, researchers, community leaders and other newsmakers in one-on-one interviews and roundtable discussions. Fairbanks Focus airs every Sunday on KTVF channel 11. Episodes are also archived on this site and listed to the left under the Fairbanks Focus tab. 

If you are interested in learning more about Fairbanks Focus: Alaska View, or have a show idea please contact Jack Zayon.

Knowledge Industry Network


The knowledge Industry Network (KIN) offers opportunities for young professionals, entrepreneurs, established leaders and seasoned community members to mingle in an atmosphere of open dialogue and spirited networking. On the last Thursday of every month, from September to May, KIN meets to hear presentations about topics important to Interior Alaska and its residents.