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Memberships represent the commitment of our local businesses and community members and helps form stronger relationships. While many take advantage of the outstanding benefits we have to offer, people primarily join and renew because they believe in the importance of buying locally.  Memberships can now be purchased through the website, by mail, at a Fairbanks First booth or by visiting the Fairbanks Economic Corporation’s office.
Membership Information:

Individual membership


  • One Fairbanks First T-shirt
  • One Fairbanks First Button
  • Invites to all Fairbanks First Networking events
  • Email alerts

Business Membership

$100 (for a business with less than 25 employees)

$250 (for a business with 25 or more employees)

$50   (for nonprofit organizations)

  • Two Fairbank First T-Shirts and buttons
  • One business member window decal
  • Featured on  social network page and webs site.
  • Opportunities to advertise special events on our online events page
  • Receive special offers/invites to events and workshops
  • Use of Fairbanks First name & logo in advertising, etc.

Membership Renewal

 $50 (business with 25 or less employees or nonprofit organization)

$125 (for a business with 26 or more employees)

An individual or business membership to Fairbanks First lets your community and the world know that you care about investing in Fairbanks. When people know you’re a member of Fairbanks First, they know you mean business and good business is choosing Fairbanks First.

We are always striving to expand member benefits so check back with us to find out what's new. For additional information about the program contact Samantha with Fairbanks First at or by calling (907) 452-2185.

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