Regional Development


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2017 Toll-Free Directories


Click the image above to access the online copy of the 2017-2018 Toll-Free Directory.


Fairbanks strives to be the economic, recreational and cultural hub of Interior and Northern Alaska. Situated at the confluence of the Chena and Tanana Rivers, the City has long served as a conduit for commerce; trade, transportation, and natural resource development being its underpinning.

As a regional center, the Fairbanks economy benefits immensely from trade linkages with Northern rural communities and villages. Trade with Northern Region communities and villages contributes over $¼ Billion and hundreds of jobs to the Fairbanks economy annually.

Help grow your local business by taking advantage of the opportunities the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation brings to the Interior. Visit a Northern Rural Community and gain valuable face to face connections, advertise in our annual toll-free directory of Interior businesses, stamp your business “Certified Bush Friendly” and let Northern Rural Residents know that their needs and best interest is important to your Interior business.

In order to further develop these relationships and build regional capacity, FEDC works with the Fairbanks North Star Borough, Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce, and leaders of interior communities to advance the collective needs of the region by working on the following projects:

  1. Regional Marketing
    • ACS Phonebook Distribution to Northern Rural Communities
    • Toll Free Directory of Fairbanks Businesses mailed and distributed to over 10,000 Northern Rural PO Box holders
    • Urban Rural Exchange news letter < sign up for the newsletter here>
  2. Organize trade missions to interior communities
  3. Monitor bypass mail legislation
  4. Support new transportation routes to rural communities
  5. Stamp your business “Certified Bush Friendly”

For more information on Regional Development, please contact Samantha Reynolds at or call 1-888-476-FEDC