Project Report


ISER Report - Commercial Fishing, Mining and Tourism

This report summarizes the fiscal effects of the commercial fishing, mining, and tourism industries on Alaska’s state government. The report calculates state revenue collected from each industry and compares it to the state’s expenditures for that industry. What revenue does the State of Alaska receive from commercial fishing? From the mining industry? From tourism? What does the state pay out to manage each resource?

FNSB Housing Needs Assessment 2015

For all municipalities, evaluating local affordable housing needs is critical to the health and welfare of residents and aids in managing growth. The Fairbanks North Star Borough is facing a possible population increase of 2.7% over the next three years due to the basing of two squadrons of F-35s at Eielson Air Force Base. In addition to the direct growth, the basing decision will also result in a projected 2,300 new direct, indirect and induced jobs, potentially leading to additional population growth beyond the estimated 2.7%. Numerous agencies in Fairbanks have identified the need for a Housing Needs Assessment, even though there is considerable, recent housing data available about the community. This report attempts to record the data and give it context so community decision makers have accurate data in which to prepare for the future. This assessment will help the community plan and decide on the type of housing to provide in the area based on the population’s current and future housing needs – whether Fairbanks high housing vacancy rate of 16% is adequate for a known influx of households.