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At Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation (FEDC), we believe that Fairbanks is “Our Community, Our Economy, and Our Responsibility.” Together we will help each other build a better, more diversified, future for Fairbanks. By leveraging our network of relationships we are able to bring together decision makers, subject matter experts and the community. These connections enable us to bridge the gap between the issues facing our community and their solutions.

FEDC provides resources that are relevant and helpful which allow community members to be engaged and stay involved with the pulse of the Golden Heart City. At FEDC, we focus our time and resources on powerful, high-success projects such as: Military, Energy, Agriculture, Technology-Led Development, Forestry, Mining, Rural Outreach/Regional Hub, Cold Weather Testing, and Fairbanks First – Think Local.
We remain agile and ready to respond to economic development opportunities and community needs as they arise.


Informing Interior residents, enabling them to be involved in decisions and events affecting our community


Providing quality information and resources to help guide and support those living and working in the Interior

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