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Who We Are

To move our community and economy forward, growing and creating new jobs and industries, we need your help. FEDC cannot succeed alone. We need state government, local government and most importantly, we need you to become a part of our team! Let’s work toward a sustainable future for the Tanana Valley together.

FEDC is a Board run 501(c) 6 corporation with five full-time staff.

Jim Dodson

President / CEO

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Rebecka Jones

Executive Assistant/Fiscal Manager

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Juliet Shepherd

Project Manager: Emerging Arctic, Technology Led Development

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Michelle Ohnesorge

Project Manager: Agriculture, Community Economic Modeling, Forestry, Rural Outreach, Fairbanks First: Think Local

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Jomo Stewart

Project Manager: Energy, Military, Mining, YPC

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Board of Directors

  • Chair – Jack Wilbur, Design Alaska
  • Vice Chair – Jennifer Imus, Wells Fargo Bank
  • Secretary – Dan Gavora, Doyon Utilities
  • Treasurer – Bert Bell, GHEMM Company
  • Jim Matherly Fairbanks City Mayor
  • Rebecca Dean Chamber of Commerce
  • Doug Tansy IBEW
  • Geri Simon Koyitlotsina Ltd.
  • Jack Hebert Cold Climate Housing Research Center
  • Steve Lundgren Denali State Bank
  • Dan White UAF

Ex-Officio Members

  • Bryce Ward FNSB Mayor

  • Michael Welch North Pole Mayor
  • Angie Spear Airport Manager (FAI)
  • Shaun Tacke FNSB Assembly
  • Amy Cook Tote Maritime

Thank you FEDC Investors