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To move our community and economy forward, growing and creating new jobs and industries, we need your help. FEDC cannot succeed alone. We need state government, local government and most importantly, we need you to become a part of our team! Let’s work toward a sustainable future for the Tanana Valley together.

FEDC has set a lofty but reachable goal

To build and maintain a strong, sustainable economy utilizing Alaska’s resources, intellectual and natural, to provide value-added products and the services that favorably compete in a global marketplace.


As an FEDC Investor, you’ll have the opportunity to work with the Board of Directors. The Board sets the direction and provides oversight on the projects FEDC pursues.

Project Areas

FEDC currently focuses on

  • Energy

    Supporting affordable clean energy in the Fairbanks North Star Borough

  • Technology-Led Development

    Creating industry from research and innovation

  • Cold Weather Testing

    Promoting Fairbanks as the best location for companies to test their products against frigid temperatures

  • Rural Outreach / Regional Hub

    Advertising Fairbanks businesses to the rural communities that benefit from their services

  • Military

    Promotes the strategic location and unparalleled training area of the Interior to the Military Industrial Complex

  • Mining

    Supporting the development of Alaska’s mineral resources by advocating for responsible development policies at the state and local levels

  • Forestry

    Supporting the development of value added products from local resources

  • Economic Modeling

    Providing an economic model of the Fairbanks economy, offering a clear understanding of our economy and a reliable tool for effective strategic planning

  • Agriculture

    Promotes the growth of the agriculture industry in Fairbanks to reduce food insecurity

  • Fairbanks First: Think Local

    Encouraging a 10% shift in purchases, buying from local businesses rather than online, to bring an additional $376 million to the Fairbanks economy and assist in the creation of 1,776 jobs

  • Young Professionals Council

    Empowering young leaders in the Interior, giving them a forum to discuss and act on local issues and develop their skills to become the leaders of tomorrow

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Investment Levels


$10,000 +


$7,500 – $9,999


$5,000 – $7,499


$2,500 – $4,999


$1,000 – 2,499


$250 – $999



  • Fairbanks North Star Borough
  • City of Fairbanks
  • State of Alaska
  • Fairbanks International Airport


  • Design Alaska
  • GCI
  • Denali State Bank


  • Alaska Airlines
  • Alyeska Pipeline
  • Birchwood Homes

  • Construction Industry Progress Fund

  • Doyon Utilities
  • Fountainhead Development
  • Great Northwest

  • Kinross

  • Northrim Bank

  • Tote Maritime
  • Usibelli Coal Mine


  • Bell Development

  • Everts Air Cargo

  • First National Bank

  • GHEMM Company

  • Hale and Associates

  • KJ Enterprises

  • Tower Hill Mines – Livengood Gold Project
  • Wells Fargo Bank


  • Equipment Source

  • Fairbanks Central Labor Council
  • IBEW Local 1547

  • Kohler, Schmitt & Hutchinson

  • Koyitlotsina Limited

  • Laborers – Local 942
  • Lynden
  • Omni Logistics

  • Petrostar

  • RJG, A Professional Corp.

Thank you FEDC Investors